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We are a group of medical surgical treatments focused on weight loss in Tijuana, Mexico .
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Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon is a Chief Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana Mexico and has been practicing surgery for the past 19 years. He has been performing laparoscopic surgery since 1995.

Deciding to use laparoscopic surgery as a tool to improve our health is very important, let us help you take the best decision to improve your life in all aspects.
Our team of specialists are ready to help you and any questions arising during the process, with Dr. Ponce you are in the best hands!


Solve of form effective and to long term the problem of obesity by means of a care human and with quality.


To be one of the pioneering teams and leaders in the field of advanced laparoscopic, surgery as the treatment of morbid obesity.

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-Eliza Muñoz

Dr Jaime Ponce de leon In tijuana


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" Almost a year of operation and change of life , weighing 203 pounds, now I can say I reach my ideal weight is 130 pounds. I want to thank the Dr.Jaime Ponce de León for changing my life and help me to live with my family more . Thanks to you and your team , God cares and will continue to give more strength to continue changing lives. "